Breastfeeding Shaming!

I run my business on helping and empowering breastfeeding women. Being able to nourish your baby the way nature intended is a beautiful thing; something I didn’t fully understand until I was able to do this myself. Before I had kids, I was kind of indifferent to the whole public breastfeeding issue, but now I have walked in those shoes. I’ve been out in public with a hungry, screaming baby. Yes, it calms a hungry baby, but it’s also an incredibly amazing bonding experience between mother and child I feel I was privileged to do.

In my experience, I was never made to feel ashamed of what I was doing. My friends never minded if I popped out a boob to feed my daughter while talking to them over soup and salad at Panera. I had never even encountered a stranger who made me feel uncomfortable; in fact, many were supportive. I guess that’s why this video made my blood boil! I didn’t even know people like this really existed. Many times I have seen articles defending breastfeeding in public, something I never EVER felt like I really needed to do. For one, it’s the law, and two it’s nature! This video truly shows there are people out there who are disgusted by breastfeeding.


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