Hey mamas! Becca here, author and owner of One Bad Motherbaker! I like food and I like to kick ass (in life that is). I am a has-been English teacher turned stay-at-home mom (that’s SAHM for all you acronym gurus). I’ve learned toddlers cause the same amount of stress as my middle school students did! I have two kids (2 and 4), one of each. I also have the most precious fur baby that was around long before my husband or kids. She really gets me.

This blog takes a look inside the mom-brain (it really is a thing) and the adventures of my family of four. Things that drive me insane. Things that keep me sane. Mom successes. Mom fails (which seems to happen more often).

Eating healthy is also a big priority for me, therefore, my poor offspring are subjected to my weird experimental ways of sneaking in the greens. I am a smoothie and juicing enthusiast, and I am always testing out new recipes on my kids. No side effects so far! I also love encouraging women to be strong, whether it’s for fitness, motherhood, or just life in general.

My kids are the greatest blessing… and my greatest cause of stress. ALL moms need an outlet for stress, mine just happens to be running. I run for sanity. (Disclaimer: When running doesn’t work I also turn to wine, caffeine, sleep, hot yoga, a punching bag, yelling into a pillow, chocolate, shopping, my mommy, girls night out, writing, violently cleaning, baking, Netflix binging, and the list goes on.)

* Oh, and odd side note. I love taking pictures of my kids crying, so you may see plenty of those. Cruel? I like to think of it as capturing precious memories. I just made you feel like a good mom didn’t I? But for now, here is the rare sight of sibling civility.




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