Benefits of Mama-Worn Teething Necklace

Babies and toddlers will stick absolutely everything in their mouth. Dirty socks. Toys. The dogs tail. It really doesn’t matter when they are teething. If they can see it, reach it and grab it, it is going in the mouth.

This can become a problem for you jewelry-wearing, baby-holding mommas. Luckily there is an alternative! Silicone teething necklaces can be fashionable and functional for both baby and mom. Here are some of the benefits of mama-worn silicone teething necklaces:

  1. No damage to personal jewelry. No baby teeth marks and no your ripping favorite delicate silver chain (yep, personal experience).
  2. Strengthens babies gums. Food-grade silicone is BPA, PVC, non-toxic and shatter-resistant. It is safe for those baby gums to gnaw on as they develop. And as their little gums gnaw it helps to minimize the pain, making for a less cranky baby and a happier mom.
  3. Baby focus while breastfeeding (or bottle feeding). Sometimes babies can get restless or unfocused while feeding. Colorful beads can help them focus and they can see, touch and pull on these necklaces.
  4. Silicone beads are both cold and heat resistant. Because they water proof and are not effected by heat, they are also safe from bacteria and mold formation. Bonus: They are easily cleaned and dishwasher safe!

Silicone teething necklaces are great, but just like anything you should always supervise your baby or toddler with these necklaces.