First Brussel Sprouts, Next World Domination…

I always said if I could get my kids to eat (like actually chew and swallow) brussel sprouts, I could do anything. Well folks, it’s time for world domination because I just made a brussels recipe my kids loved. Well, loved may be a little strong, perhaps I even bribed them with dessert, but that never worked before so I consider this a success.

This vegetable is kind of an acquired taste, what with the bitter after-taste that comes with it. And it’s hard to acquire a taste when we don’t have them that often. I try to feed my family all organic, with the exception of eating out once or twice a week. I live by the 80/20 rule; if you have found a way to live 100 percent organic with out being bored let me know your secret! With that said, trying to find organic brussels, even in our Whole Foods, is like searching for hidden treasure, so my kids don’t get to eat it too often. That’s unfortunate because these green bundles of joy are loaded with fiber, cholesterol-lowering benefits, DNA stabilizers and are known to have the highest glucosinolate (cancer-fighter) content of the green veggie group!

When we do finally get to eat them, I have to find a way to mask the unappealing taste; the one I, as an adult, can choke down, while my kids can just look at it and be disgusted. So here is my secret; see if it works for you!


  • One bag of fresh brussel sprouts
  • Two (or however many you want) pieces of bacon (I like Applegate Organics)
  • Garlic
  • Himalayan Pink Salt
  • Pepper
  • Lemon (if you want it)


  1. First I microwave the bacon in a microwavable safe plate to catch the grease. I know this sounds healthy already right?
  2. Cut off all the ends of the brussels and then cut them in half.
  3. Sautee in a pan with olive oil and garlic
  4.  Tear off piece of bacon and add to brussels
  5. Sprinkle on the bacon grease from the microwavable plate (or dump it on depending how healthy you want it!)
  6. Add salt, pepper and lemon to taste

Pretty simple, yet so tasty! And Paleo friendly… if your into all that.